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From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 13:06:03 BST

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    Hi Johnny, Matt, Platt, all,

    Steve (I) said:
    >> Matt's philosophy disallows a primary context, a context of not having a
    >> context, i.e. DQ, or the possibility of becoming free of all static
    >> patterns. He's not willing to live with such a contradiction as a point
    >> of
    >> view of not having a point of view. You seem to be okay with this
    >> contradiction.

    Johnny said:
    > Well put, Steve (not sure if you believe this also or are just summing up
    > Matt's position, but I'll assume for now you believe it too, since it was so
    > succinctly put).

    I don't agree with Matt's position or Platt's right now. I'm still
    (always?) trying to work out my position.

    >Are you saying, and/or
    > does Matt agree, that there is no DQ, or just disavowing that any of us can
    > see it in it's primary context? Can we come close to seeing it in a pure
    > sense, or is any context as perverted from objectivity seeing DQ as any
    > other?


    I find DQ to be a useful metaphor.

    We can make inferences about it from sq. Our bodies and minds interact with
    the environment and receive data upon which to base our inferences.

    I assume an objective reality that is producing all this sensory data. I
    can verify the existence of this objective reality any time I want. Matt,
    what do you do with sensory data? Do you think of it as words? I certainly
    don't. Is there any room for an objective reality in your philosophy?

    When I use words I think of them as pointing to reality, unlike Matt. He
    thinks of words as pointing to other words. Is that right, Matt? How is
    meaning constructed out of all these words? To me, reality gives words
    meaning, but the words never capture reality. I think Platt may be making
    the mistake of thinking that reality is captured in his words. In that way,
    I see both Matt and Platt as stuck in words.


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