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Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 18:04:48 BST

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    Apparently, time started when the creation started. There was no "before"
    before that, it was t=0. It was something like 14 Billion years ago,
    according to our sanely shared static patterns, and there is no such thing
    as 16 Billion years ago.

    There has to be a t=0 for time to have anything to push off of, otherwise,
    the present would never get here. I suppose you can concieve of time going
    backward from t=0 into negative, creating a past where there hadn't been one
    before. That is what I believe we did with the move from the Beginning
    being 6,000 years ago, to it being 14 Billion years ago. I think we created
    that past where there hadn't been anything, and filled in all the background
    radiation and artifacts of history necessary for that picture to make sense.

    Steven Hawking thinks that there was no actual point of t=0, but that it
    somehow gets dull and fuzzy around there and time never actually started but
    had always been starting very slowly or something like that. But still 14
    billion years ago. (I don't understand time going slower either)

    My feeling is we created the big bang through our conception of it, our
    expectations that the universe makes sense constantly create a universe with
    a coherent history, including all the artifacts of that history. Currently
    our expectations require a big bang. So it is the true history becuase it
    fits our expectations, previously there had been different true histories,
    which we now believe were false. There were no dinosaur fossils until they
    were discovered, and then they had to have been always there, undiscovered.
    But were they?

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    >Hi Johnny:
    > > In my
    > > view, anything to be said or seen about DQ or called DQ is said from a
    > > context of SQ, to the point that there is no DQ apart from SQ. Like
    > > not existing "before" the big bang, there is no "DQ" before "SQ", even
    > > though DQ leaves SQ in its wake.
    >How can time be created by the Big Bang when it takes time to create?
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