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Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 21:36:23 BST

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    > > Apparently, time started when the creation started.
    >As I said, it doesn't make sense. It takes time to create anything.

    I guess that's why there is time. Supposedly at t=0, there was a
    Singularity, with no time and space and matter, no characteristics at all,
    within this singularity, no events or observers. And no one knows why the
    Singularity broke apart into constituent elements of time and energy and
    stuff. 'God got bored' is what one physicist says. I say the Singularity,
    or the Word, is Expectation itself (aka Quality or Morality to me) apart
    from any subject expecting or object that is expected, and of course one
    would expect that expectation would become reality as we know it, it's the
    nature of expectation that it becomes what we expect. Also, I don't see
    this happening 14 Billion years ago, but constantly, from moment to moment,
    and the 14 Billion year history is recreated every moment as we expect it to
    be (now that there is a "we" there is a "history" too). So whatever
    happened 14 Billion years ago only has to make as much sense as we want it
    to. It happened however we will come to believe it did.

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