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Date: Fri Apr 18 2003 - 14:55:03 BST

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    > Well, when you do you no longer have arithmetic, so perhaps my wording
    > needs work. The point is that any mathematical theorem is a deduction from
    > a set of axioms, so it is only as "absolute" as the axioms which, from the
    > formal logician's viewpoint, are arbitrary. Recall that it turned out that
    > Euclid's Fifth Postulate could be replaced and one got different, but
    > equally powerful geometries.

    What do you think of defining a philosphical axiom as a concept that
    has to be accepted and used in the process of denying it? Examples:

    What is, is.

    Consciousness is the faculty of perceiving what is.

    What is is possessed by identity.



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