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Date: Sat Apr 19 2003 - 23:32:08 BST

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    Hi Platt,

    > Such a long time since you posted. You had me worried. Wonderful to
    > hear from you.

    You should be worried! I used to find these discussions tremendously
    rewarding, but I now have little motivation to participate. There's
    something about the absolute vs. relative debate that keeps bringing me back

    > Is not Goedel's Theorem itself absolute? Has anyone been able to
    > overthrow it?

    Goedel's "Incompleteness" Theorem itself is complete only within the
    framework of what we commonly understand to be theorems and proofs.
    Possibly, had our common understanding developed very differently, Goedel's
    Theorem would be incorrect or even meaningless.

    My dear Platt, when will you ever get over this obsession with the absolute
    (is this what they call absolution?;-). You know, this same obsession led to
    Plato's Good, and from there to SOM truth. In the east, it led to a
    rejection of the material world as "maya" (magic/trickery), while the
    abolute was hidden in the mystical "brahman". As I understood it, the
    Quality concept presented in ZAMM was supposed to break us away from these
    absolutist poles, and lead us back to a renewed synthesis (the MoQ).

    Platt, I understand your fear of certain "anything goes" philosophies that
    appear to moralize the immoral. I suppose we could but think that the MoQ
    can be used to oppose such ideas very simply and without reference to the
    absolute.The Quality idea allows many alternative versions of the truth
    (many things go), but rejects low quality versions of the truth
    (falsehoods). That is, bullshit is bullshit and you know it from its smell!


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