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Date: Sun Apr 20 2003 - 18:00:47 BST

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    Hi Wim,

    I don't disagree with your perspective on world government, but I might
    disagree about how to best get there - I'm a bit of a quietist, perhaps.
    Platt quoted something which I would relate to this: "Remaining detached and
    watching developments requires no energy,
    no cost, and a possible beneficial outcome." I think that a world government
    (which the UN is, in nuce) will come around when it is seen as having higher
    quality than the alternatives. Some nations are already at that point,
    others aren't. I liked your dietetic scale. I shall investigate sociocracy.
    I would agree that 'blind following of whoever imposes himself as leader' is
    the social equivalent of 'junk food' - was there a reason why you didn't
    think I would?

    With respect to grace (what's that doing in this thread?) I am not such a
    Protestant that I disavow all works (contrary to Luther, I have a lot of
    time for the letter of James) but I don't think that you can base a level 4
    spirituality on works. I guess we disagree there. You just have to open
    yourself up to the divine and let it flow through you. Works will be the
    result of that, but if you aim at the works and not at the divine then
    you'll miss the point (finger and moon etc).

    > Finally you asked 26 March:
    > 'How do you distinguish between randomly new and new which is DQ?'
    > DQ leaves static quality (patterns) in its wake. Coincidence (random
    > doesn't.

    This makes the discernment of DQ dependent on SQ. I don't disagree with
    that, but I am surprised that it is an argument you would make. Have I
    understood you correctly?


    "...the clash between us and them is not a military clash. Oh, no. It is a
    cultural one, a religious one. And our military victories do not solve the
    offensive of Islamic terrorism. On the contrary, they encourage it. They
    exacerbate it, they multiply it. The worst is still to come."
    Oriana Fallaci

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