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Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 10:23:33 BST

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    Hi Joe,

    Two things.

    > joe: I agree that the quotes highlighted by Wim make more sense when
    > interpreted as Quality as such. In exploring the logic of an instinctive
    > sensing of reality, I think that aspects of dq and sq are the pattern. As
    > Pirsig indicates in his analogy of the relationship between dq and sq
    > the leading edge, and the train. The motion, directions, and power are dq
    > aspects of the sq train, the complete pattern. 'Real experience that does
    > matter and that is universal' and 'transcendence' applies to the pattern.
    > Awareness makes a difference.

    Is the SQ of the train *pulled* by the DQ at the front, or is the DQ at the
    front *pushed* by the SQ behind it?

    > In Iraq the late head of the state is in a different order than Hussein
    > despot. You wrote on 26 March: "And the assessment that the West
    > biological chaos is an intellectual assessment (for Islam, just as much as
    > Christianity, operates at the intellectual level)", indicating there are
    > moral orders to consider when declaring war. Faith also cooperates in the
    > certainty for action. A religious war!

    Although I agree that the differences are adequately characterised as
    religious (if one side thinks it's about religion, then it is, whether you
    like it or not), it is surely possible to hope that the war doesn't become
    that large-scale. Not sure what to base the hope on though.


    "...the clash between us and them is not a military clash. Oh, no. It is a
    cultural one, a religious one. And our military victories do not solve the
    offensive of Islamic terrorism. On the contrary, they encourage it. They
    exacerbate it, they multiply it. The worst is still to come."
    Oriana Fallaci

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