Re: MD God relieves from suffering?

From: Joe (
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 20:33:36 BST

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    On 22 April 2003 2:23 AM Sam writes:

    > Hi Joe,
    > Two things.
    > Is the SQ of the train *pulled* by the DQ at the front, or is the DQ at
    > front *pushed* by the SQ behind it?

    Hi Sam and All,

    joe: dq and sq are the pattern of a train by analogy. To attribute activity
    to dq and sq separately would be to see them as patterns in a train pattern.
    How do I arrive at dq as a pattern if it is undefined? I would rather say
    that dq is an aspect of s sq pattern from the point of view of an
    instinctive sensing of reality.

     Although I agree that the differences are adequately characterised as
    religious (if one side thinks it's about religion, then it is, whether you
    like it or not), it is surely possible to hope that the war doesn't become
    that large-scale. Not sure what to base the hope on though.

     joe: I agree with your hope.

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