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Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 22:33:43 BST

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    Johnny said:
    Post Modernists ought to convince us that we need to shore up our culture
    and get together for morality's sake, get people to respect morality more
    so that we are more on the same page about truth and right. I think that
    if morality is stronger, people are more inclined to believe in
    absolutes. When people are inclined to thumb their noses at morality, all
    absolutes get nose-thumbed too.

    You've been talking a lot lately about morality and protecting morality and
    I'd like to add my post-modernist thoughts because I don't think many
    post-modernists want to "get together for morality's sake." Rorty and
    Fish's point (to name two) is that reflecting on morality isn't going to
    make us more moral. The pragmatist doesn't want to discuss morality itself
    because she thinks it leads to dead-end philosophical problems, not
    improved moral thinking. Post-modernists don't want to discuss Morality
    for the same reason they do not want to discuss Truth: they don't think the
    first will do anything for us being moral, just as the second won't do
    anything for us being truthful. Post-modernists simply want to play
    Locke's role of philosophical underlaborer, clearing the ground of
    conceptual debris. But we don't think that this will help us make moral
    decisions, other than letting us bypass arguments about the nature of
    morality. We are simply redescribing moral "principles" into moral "rules
    of thumb."


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