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From: Paul Turner (
Date: Thu Apr 24 2003 - 18:11:10 BST

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    To anyone who can help me clear up a glitch in my

    I'm currently re-reading Lila (now that I've started
    posting to the forum) and there's something which is
    giving me a feeling of intellectual indigestion.

    I can't make the following statements stack up:

    Lila is a cohesion of changing static patterns. There
    isnít any more to her than that. Ch 11

    Lila is composed of static patterns of value and these
    patterns are evolving toward a Dynamic Quality. Ch 11

    Static patterns canít by themselves perceive or adjust
    to Dynamic Quality. Only a living being can do that.
    Ch 13

    The only conclusions I can reach are that:

    a) Lila is not a living being

    b) Living beings are not static patterns of value, in
    which case they must be Dynamic Quality

    c) Living beings are both static and Dynamic Quality
    which means Lila is in some sense the source of all
    things, and is evolving toward herself

    I suspect there is something I'm completely missing

    Thanks in advance


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