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Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 14:39:21 BST

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    Hi Paul:

    > To anyone who can help me clear up a glitch in my
    > understanding!
    > I'm currently re-reading Lila (now that I've started
    > posting to the forum) and there's something which is
    > giving me a feeling of intellectual indigestion.
    > I can't make the following statements stack up:
    > Lila is a cohesion of changing static patterns. There
    > isnít any more to her than that. Ch 11

    You left out static patterns "of Quality." Pirsig is referring to the static
    patterns of inorganic, biological, social and intellectual. Lila, like all of
    us, consists of these four patterns, plus the capability of responding to
    DQ (though less so than others). There isn't any more to any of us that

    > Lila is composed of static patterns of value and these
    > patterns are evolving toward a Dynamic Quality. Ch 11

    Yes, this explains the evolution of life. Compare that to the scientific
    explanation where chance plays a leading role, chance meaning in
    effect, "we don't know."

    > Static patterns canít by themselves perceive or adjust
    > to Dynamic Quality. Only a living being can do that.
    > Ch 13

    Yes. It's the combination of all static patterns that can now respond to
    DQ. It wasn't always that way. The whole thrust of evolution is towards
    greater awareness and, consequently, more openness to DQ's
    influence. Compare the rapidity of progress in quality of biological
    patterns to the progress in quality of intellectual patterns. Evolution has
    speeded up exponentially, thanks to DQ and the patterns left in its


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