Re: MD God relieves from suffering?

From: phyllis bergiel (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 16:49:51 BST

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    Hi Wim, Sam et al

    I won't repeat all the previous posts on this one; I would just like to
    suggest that perhaps a return to some of the "traditional" explanators of
    religion do offer a clear insight to the attraction of religion (esp. the
    anthropomorphization of spiritual beings) and yes, I can't remember who said
    it, but it does seem to reinforce the idea of religion being determined. I
    am referring to Marx and Freud here.
     Especially Freud on God as Father.

    The question that this leads me to ask is that if a person acts according to
    this psychological need, then, is this a biological static pattern. If they
    rebel, the social level (at least the social level of a certain time and
    today of place, still calls them delusional) My question is then, are
    psychological explanators biological, social or intellectual patterns?

    Probably best if this gets a new thread, if anyone is interested in
    following up.


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