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Date: Sat Aug 02 2003 - 23:15:51 BST

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    Bo and all MOQers:

    skutvik wrote:
    I have at several occasions expressed my wonder about Pirsig from
    "Lila's Child" who - from annotations presented - I don't really
    recognize. I had till now not read the annotations in any systematical
    way, but did so the other day and ...
    Ah! The "philosophical idealism" that I have spotted in several
    annotations is a mere STRATEGY to get the MOQ integrated with
    science (Quantum Physics). But why not say so to the MOQ readers?

    dmb adds:
    My concerns aren't quite as specific as Bodvar's, but I agree with the
    sentiment. Posting LC quotes without explaining something about the context
    of his comments can have a very negative effect on our ability to properly
    understand what Pirsig is saying. He's aiming his comments at a specific
    misconception in almost every case, no? It sure would help to know something
    about the target of his remarks. Anything less is half-baked, only part of
    an idea. It hardly matters if this is done out of laziness or to take over
    the world. In terms of discussing ideas, naked quotes from that sort of book
    just don't work very well.

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