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    Hi Johnny, Rick:

    > >I don't
    > >think wolves have social patterns. I believe their behavior is
    > >entirely genetically hard-wired.

    > Do you disagree that a species evolved its bioogical patterns
    > simultaneously with its social patterns? Fish that travelled in schools
    > evolved differently from fish that 'thought for themselves' (the
    > Plattfish?) because the social patterns (or relative lack of them) made
    > different biological traits beneficial.

    In the MOQ there are no animal, vegetable or mineral "social patterns."
    Pirsig makes this clear in Lila's Child, Note 49:

    "'Societies' is used figuratively here as a more colorful word meaning
    'groups.' If I had known it would be taken literally as evidence that
    cells belong in the social level I would not have used it. Maybe in a
    future edition it can be struck out. One can also call ants and bees
    "social" insects, but for purposes of precision in the MOQ social
    patterns should be defined as HUMAN and subjective." (emphasis added)


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    art. - George Sand

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