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Date: Tue Aug 05 2003 - 16:34:03 BST

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    There are no subjects and objects in the MoQ.
    Therefore, there cannot be any objectivity, or subjectivity either.

    So, a search for objectivity is futile, and supposing subjective quality
    presupposes a subject.

    The MoQ says experience is primary, and it is of static quality. Therefore,
    the most dynamic patterns will likely dominate static experience. As
    intellectual patterns are empirically verifiable as the most dynamic, (thus providing
    evidence for a hierarchy of evolutionary related patterns) it is intellectually
    patterned experience that a Metaphysics is concerned with.

    Intellectual patterns have a dynamic component and a static component. The
    relationship between the two began with the symbolic representation of other
    patterns of value - biological and social. So, we can see that intellect
    developed at a point very much associated with lower patterns. As symbolic
    manipulation became more dynamic, the relationship between the static and dynamic aspects
    of the intellectual process became increasingly self serving.

    Ancient Greek civilisation was to intellect as sex was biological patterns -
    the intellect at this stage in its evolution began to transcend its static
    evolution - began to become more dynamic than its ancient social and biological
    symbolic origins and became a method of inferring highly stable relationships
    between aesthetically pleasing patterns of static quality. This development
    crystallised definitions under the geometric method, thus allowing patterns if
    social and biological experience to appear more static than they are.

    To introduce objectivity as a drive for intellectual value is to reinforce
    the geometric method. But this method is not one of subjects and objects - it is
    an intellectual aesthetic in response to, and in a relationship with DQ.
    Evidence for this is found in the manifold geometry's and dimensions available to
    intellectual artists today, (mathematicians and physicians).
    So, paradoxically, mathematics now appears to be subjective, if one allows
    any discussion of subjects and objects into the MoQ.

    The SOL interpretation, as i believe it is called, ironically places subjects
    and objects in a primary intellectual position, thus completely rejecting the
    MoQ itself.
    I personally find this incredible, as since receiving a present of a first
    edition copy of Lila a few weeks after its publication, i have been moving
    steadily, and with increasing delight and coherence away from any thought of
    subjects and objects.

    The journey has been difficult yet rewarding. Each year brings new and better
    coherence into my view of life. And the process appears to be accelerating.

    Sadly, i have also witnessed the static intellectual patterns of an older
    generation holding onto outmoded concepts and ideas. It is largely to these
    people that integration is aimed, but it is unfortunate that such integration is
    not valued from a MoQ perspective, and appears to be continually misinterpreted.

    There are no subjects and objects in the MoQ. If you go with this, i assure
    you it makes things more coherent.


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