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    > Intellectual patterns have a dynamic component and a static component.

    Here's an intellectual pattern. "My dog has fleas." Now please point
    out the dynamic and static components and why you think they are so.

    squonk: That's a fair question.
    Static component = symbolic linguistic repertoire, 'My, dog, has, fleas +
    associated smells, sights, sounds, alternatives.' These patterns are learned.
    Dynamic component = intuited coherent aesthetic relationship between static
    repertoire and DQ.
    Note: The Dynamic component can vary in its aesthetic. For example, the
    Dynamic component may cohere as the aesthetically more pleasing static pattern: 'My
    fleas have a dog.' <joke - followed by Dynamic laughter>

    > The relationship between the two began with the symbolic representation
    > of other patterns of value - biological and social. So, we can see that
    > intellect developed at a point very much associated with lower patterns.
    > As symbolic manipulation became more dynamic, the relationship between
    > the static and dynamic aspects of the intellectual process became
    > increasingly self serving.

    Again, very difficult for me to follow. How does symbolic manipulation
    become more dynamic? Can you cite some examples? What do you mean by
    self-serving? Who's the self in this case?

    squonk: Symbolic manipulation is more Dynamic when the relationship between
    DQ and the static repertoire becomes open to more coherent and aesthetic
    relationships. For example, if i spoke French, then there is the potential for the
    intuited aesthetic coherence of 'My dog has fleas' to become, 'Mon chien has
    one flea on his chin.'
    By self serving i mean less reliant upon lower levels.
    The self in this case is the sum total of all intellectual static patterns
    that constitute 'squonk.'

    >Ancient Greek civilisation was to intellect as sex was biological
    > patterns - the intellect at this stage in its evolution began to
    > transcend its static evolution - began to become more dynamic than its
    > ancient social and biological symbolic origins and became a method of
    > inferring highly stable relationships between aesthetically pleasing
    > patterns of static quality. This development crystallised definitions
    > under the geometric method, thus allowing patterns if social and
    > biological experience to appear more static than they are.

    Don't mean to be rude, but it's Greek to me.

    squonk: That's funny. You are being Dynamic, but relevant also. And i
    appreciate you taking the time to say it. My fear is that so many years have been
    spent debating that which is not expanding the MoQ, that once any serious attempt
    at immersion within the MoQ and see things from its perspective sound like,
    errrrr, Greek.
    I think you may agree that sexual choice made biological patterns more
    responsive to Quality? All i am saying is that ancient Greek culture did something
    vaguely analogous to symbolic manipulation. I have argued that this leap is not
    dependent on any subject/object divide - rather, its an aesthetic of
    inference method used in geometry - intellectual art.


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