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Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 06:23:31 BST

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    Hello Sam
    On 7 August you spoke:

    > I'm still here!! Still reading and listening, but having just started
    > a new and much more complex job (now in charge of four parishes, not
    > just an assistant in one) my workload is overflowing, so I'm keeping
    > shtum for a bit.

    I see. Some has a job to attend to ...except from saving a fantastic
    idea from extinction.
    Me previously:
    > > had dug out a Wittgenstein quote on that
    > > issue. I am unable to find it (June sometime) but I remember that
    > > David agreed with it. If my memory serves me Wittgenstein maintains
    > > that thinking is language internalized,

    > Briefly, I would disagree with that. The tenor of Wittgenstein's
    > thought was against 'internal' meanings, at least as the primary
    > foundation for language (which is why I see language as operating at
    > the social level).

    OK, I still agree with language as operating (starting on) the social
    level, but in addition I see it as the pattern that DQ hijacked to Intellect
    in the manner described: Creating the abstract/concrete divide
    (concepts as different from the reality behind the concepts) That the
    internal/external schism is illusory is true, but insignificant for my

    > His 'private language' argument, for example,
    > famously demolishes the idea that the sense or meaning of a language
    > is restricted to individual perception - on the contrary, it is
    > public. So thinking is foundationally a public activity, rooted in a
    > shared public life (the 'language game').

    No bad thinker that Wittgenstein ;-)

    > Hence: "If a lion could
    > talk, we could not understand him" - because we do not have a shared
    > society with the lion, whereas we do with our fellow human beings,
    > more or less.

    Talk? Well I see. We believe that animals suffer from an inability to
    express themselves (mute beasts), while they express every nuance
    of their bio-social reality to each other.

    > I'm mulling on a couple of longer posts/ essays at the moment - one
    > about the evolution of the intellect (thanks to Squonk for the pointer
    > to Up from dragons, which I've ordered), and one about the nature of
    > SOM - about which I am harbouring heretical thoughts :-)

    Looking forward to it all.


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