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Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 00:34:02 BST

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    Pirsig wrote:
    "What makes the free-enterprise system superior is that the socialists,
    reasoning intelligently and objectively, have inadvertently closed the
    door to Dynamic Quality in the buying and selling of things. They
    closed it because the metaphysical structure of their objectivity never
    told them Dynamic Quality exists."

    dmb says:
    Platt would like to belive the problem is political leftists, but Pirsig's
    real beef here is with "the metaphysical structure of their objectivity".
    Where Pirsig sees a flaw to be corrected, Platt sees a fatal disease. Platt
    would also like to pretend that the right is somehow magically immune to
    this problem. Obviously the solution is to retain a society guided by
    intellectual values, but WITHOUT "inadvertantly closing the door to Dynamic
    Quality". The suggestion that this flaw should instead send us backward into
    the arms of social levels values is EXACTLY the definition of a reactionary.
    If you look it up in the dictionary, I'm certain that you'll find a picture
    of Platt. :-)

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