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Date: Sun Aug 03 2003 - 23:20:20 BST

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    Platt and all:

    Platt said:
    I agree, but I don't rule out applying the levels to individuals. I'm
    dominated by intellectual values, my wife by social values. I don't
    love her the less for that. To know what a person values is most
    helpful in relationships as well as in understanding political
    differences. Would you agree?

    dmb says:
    I agree that its important in understanding political differences, and
    because of that agreement, I disagree with the assertion that you are
    dominated by intellectual values. I think you have repeatedly shown your
    preference for social level values on nearly every political topic. The gay
    rights issue is a recent example. Even when pressed on the point directly,
    you let it squeak out...

    Platt said:
    Since intellectual patterns have been the catalyst that brought mankind
    out of caves to state of civilization we enjoy today, I hesitate to
    knock them. These patterns, of course, were created by individual
    people, not collectives.

    dmb says:
    Collectives? Do people really still talk like that? This is a code word for
    communism or socialism, which Platt finds indistinguishable from tyranny.
    And if I remind you, Pirsig calls these isms "plans for intellectual control
    of society" and that Hitler was also a rabid anti-Communist.

    And may I add that this is a decent example of what I meant when I
    complained about self-serving b.s. Platt would like to contrue the MOQ so
    that anybody but those in a coma can percieve intellectual quality equally
    becasue then his reactionary social values can be called intellectual too.
    Its good for Platt's ego, but bares little resemblance to the MOQ.

    I know that's awfully harsh, but I've also been trying to make a case that
    the MOQ is something we can use in the real world. The example was just too
    ripe to resist.

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