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Date: Mon Aug 04 2003 - 01:25:22 BST

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    > dmb says:
    > I agree that its important in understanding political differences, and
    > because of that agreement, I disagree with the assertion that you are
    > dominated by intellectual values. I think you have repeatedly shown your
    > preference for social level values on nearly every political topic. The
    > gay rights issue is a recent example. Even when pressed on the point
    > directly, you let it squeak out...

    I know, I know. It's your opinion that if someone isn't a radical left-
    wing socialist and an activist for so-called gay rights he is
    automatically a Neanderthal. You've repeated this in one form another
    so often it's become tiresome to say the least.

    > Platt said:
    > Since intellectual patterns have been the catalyst that brought mankind
    > out of caves to state of civilization we enjoy today, I hesitate to
    > knock them. These patterns, of course, were created by individual
    > people, not collectives.
    > dmb says:
    > Collectives? Do people really still talk like that? This is a code word
    > for communism or socialism, which Platt finds indistinguishable from
    > tyranny. And if I remind you, Pirsig calls these isms "plans for
    > intellectual control of society" and that Hitler was also a rabid
    > anti-Communist.

    Hitler was the head of the National Socialist German Workers Party in
    case you've forgotten. And yes, you do dream of communist or socialist
    "plans for intellectual control of society" with yourself and other
    self-appointed intellectuals in charge of some bureaucracy telling
    people how they ought to think and behave because you and the rest of
    your elitist intellectual friends know best.

    Fortunately, Pirsig does not support your dream because intellectual
    control of society blocks DQ."

    > And may I add that this is a decent example of what I meant when I
    > complained about self-serving b.s. Platt would like to contrue the MOQ
    > so that anybody but those in a coma can percieve intellectual quality
    > equally becasue then his reactionary social values can be called
    > intellectual too. Its good for Platt's ego, but bares little resemblance
    > to the MOQ.

    Which is a beautiful example of b.s. But I'm not complaining because
    there's no need. It's obvious to everyone.

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