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From: Erin N. (
Date: Mon Aug 04 2003 - 02:28:33 BST

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    >> And may I add that this is a decent example of what I meant when I
    >> complained about self-serving b.s. Platt would like to contrue the MOQ
    >> so that anybody but those in a coma can percieve intellectual quality
    >> equally becasue then his reactionary social values can be called
    >> intellectual too. Its good for Platt's ego, but bares little resemblance
    >> to the MOQ.

    where has it been said that "anybody can percieve intellectual quality
    by anyone in this forum ever?

    I'm beginning to think you associate those who agree with you on an issue
    as "intellectual" and those that don't as "social".
    No wonder why you want the definition of the intellectual level to be
    because nobody consistently agrees or consistently disagrees with you.
    Do people flip flop in your mind as "achieved intellectual level"
    and "not achieved intellectual" as they agree and disagree with you, or are
    you still getting to know us to decide whether we have the honor of the
    intellectual level? :-)


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