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Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 02:23:50 BST

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    Bodvar said:
    Our wrestlings over the (definition of the) intellectual level has gone on
    more or less continuously since this discussion started 6-7 years ago
    and has turned into a struggle for the soul of the MOQ. A little tongue
    in cheeck it may be compared to what the teachings of Jesus went
    through after his departure. If it was J's variety that emerged as
    "Christianity" I don't know, neither do I know who is who in this game
    or what will emerge as the true Quality interpretation.

    dmb says:
    I find the grandiosity of this analogy a bit disturbing, but let's run with
    it anyway. Let's say you aspire to be Paul and provide the world with your
    version of the MOQ. Do you think Jesus would approve? As I understand it,
    Pirsig has already addressed your SOLAQI directly and he does not approve. I
    can see that you're quite passionate and utterly convinced, but Pirsig's
    rejection is more than enough evidence for me. Plus it just doesn't add up.
    I can't make any sense of it. Sorry, but I think you are mistaken about the
    MOQ. If your version should somehow become the mainstream of Christianity,
    then I shall worship Satan. ;-)

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