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Date: Wed Aug 13 2003 - 08:36:12 BST

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    Hi David.

    On 9 August you said:
    > I find the grandiosity of this analogy a bit disturbing, but let's
    > run with it anyway. Let's say you aspire to be Paul and provide the
    > world with your version of the MOQ. Do you think Jesus would
    > approve? As I understand it, Pirsig has already addressed your
    > SOLAQI directly and he does not approve. I can see that you're quite
    > passionate and utterly convinced, but Pirsig's rejection is more
    > than enough evidence for me. Plus it just doesn't add up. I can't
    > make any sense of it. Sorry, but I think you are mistaken about the
    > MOQ. If your version should somehow become the mainstream of
    > Christianity, then I shall worship Satan. ;-)

    My "early-Christianity" allusion asked for some acid remark, but new
    levels, divided levels; reduced levels, collapsed levels; sub-levels;
    subtle "intellects" are suggested in every other message without much
    ado while my SOL interpretation sounds like a perversion. I can
    assure you that it is the revolutionary MOQ I try to preserve. In ZMM it
    is said (and drawn in diagrams) that the intellectual reality is the S/O
    one, and in LILA you know that the SOM=Intellect implications are

    You may want to free yourself from my embrace, but by rejecting the
    "manipulation of symbols" intellect you have joined the S/O intellect
    "camp" - there is no middle ground here. Your good sense of logic
    has also led you to defend the social reality and by so doing the
    intellectual level automatically becomes the S/O.

    Over to your post of 9 Aug.:

    > As unlikely as it may seem in a forum like this, the intellect needs
    > defending. I'm protesting the notion that every normal person
    > percieves intellectual quality more or less equally. Your
    > objections, Bo, are very far away from all that.

    The interest in detached deliberations on whatever topic may vary
    strongly among individuals - thanks God - but intellect dominates the
    Western culture totally and don't need (much) defense. I see your
    point in viewing the American (and all western states) political system
    Society vs Intellect, but even the most extreme right-wing person
    wouldn't dream of abandoning democracy or any other of "our" values
    i.e: Intellectual values.

    > I basically agree with the "mechanism" you
    > describe, but I think it is misapplied in this case. The higher
    > values are inperceptible to the lower ones, this is part of the
    > explanation for Lila's status,

    I use you phrase ...I basically agree with about Lila Blewitt, she
    does not have any opinion about the value of democracy, free press
    ..etc. they are imperceptible to her, but even so she is
    influenced/dominated by intellect which pervades our societies
    through and through.

    > but this cross-level conflict is not the only mechanism by
    > which static patterns persit and are preserved. The cultural immune
    > system, for example, protects itself from alien patterns even though
    > they are at the same level.

    > Our biological immune system keeps the bugs out
    > too. Ideas may be rejected for many reasons, some of them may even
    > be damn good reasons.

    We may return to the very interesting "immune systems" idea later.

    > Ideas might wrongly be rejected because they
    > are beyond one's ability to percieve of comprehend them, but then
    > they can also be rejected because they just don't add up.

    OK point taken :-).


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