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From: Scott R (
Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 16:58:43 BST

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    > Scott makes the point that intellect did not suddenly emerge around
    > 500 BC ...etc. The suddenness can be discussed, I agree with Scott
    > about Jaynes' "bicameral" transformation as a forerunner for the S/O,
    > this took place around Homer's time and is still "ancient Greece".
    > What I find strange with Scott's presentation is the notion that there
    > was an intellect that "moved from appearing...etc". Is it the thinking
    > ghost again that "moved" from Society into Intellect ...after having
    > moved from Biology?

    Here is where you need Barfield rather than Jaynes (who was a materialist).
    Yes there was, is now, and ever will be a thinking ghost (think the German
    Geist, translatable into English as either mind or spirit). Pre-500BC
    humanity perceived this ghost in nature and society. We perceive it in, or
    as, our intellect.

    - Scott

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