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Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 21:18:23 BST

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    Hi Platt, Squonk, Paul, all,

    joe: when I realized that Pirsig was showing me that I know the undedfined,
    I had to pause. Was I going to stick with intertwining universes? In a way
    I guess one could say that the four different levels are intertwining
    universes. Maybe that would be true if the undefined was experienced only
    in the boundaries of the inorganic, organic, social, and intellectual
    individuality. I don't hink Pirsig meant that. I think he wanted to show
    me that the undefined is a part of everyday life, not something for which I
    had to be in a special state to experience.

    Platt I don't agree with your description: "To me the intellect is 'home'
    for static intellectual patterns or 'repertoire'......But the actual act of
    combining is beyond the intellectual level".

    If I paraphrase that I see that the intellect is a memory for patterns which
    it might create which chance or a performing brain might trigger into our
    awareness. IMO this description dilutes the idea of moral levels. "AN
    INQUIRY INTO MORALS" becomes a plumbing problem, what pipe to use, how to
    place it? I don't think that was Pirsig's meaning.

    For myself I try to keep it simple. I know what I am doing. In order to
    sing well, I try to breathe in a certain way. I am hungry. If I jump off a
    high wall I might break my ankle.


    Hi Joe,
    To use some lingo that has been growing of late, the intellect has two
    aspects - a static one and a Dynamic one. DQ-SQ tension.
    The static aspect, "is a memory for patterns which
    it might create which chance or a performing brain might trigger into our
    The dynamic aspect would be DQ actually dancing with the static patterns into
    a new relationship or formation. The dance is an aesthetic sense of the best
    that can be. And i would agree with you that you don't have to be in a special
    state, but having said that, we are the real motorcycle, so we can, if we
    wish, become more aware of the aesthetic sense we all have. This sense is

    All the best,

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