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Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 16:09:29 BST

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    Hi Paul,

    > This quote below is extremely
    > important to understand the relationship between society and intellect:
    > "It is important for an understanding of the MOQ to see that although
    > 'common sense' dictates that inorganic nature came first, actually
    > 'common sense' which is A SET OF IDEAS, has to come first. This 'common
    > sense' is arrived at through a web of SOCIALLY APPROVED EVALUATIONS of
    > various alternatives. The key term here is 'evaluation', i.e. quality
    > decisions. The fundamental reality is not the common sense or the
    > objects and laws approved of by common sense but the approval itself and
    > the quality that leads to it." Lila's Child Note 97
    Love the quote. It's vital. But, it's not Note 97 in my copy of Lila's
    Child. Note 97 in mine reads:

    "Within the MOQ, the idea that static patterns of value start with the
    inorganic level is considered to be a good idea. But the MOQ itself
    doesn't start before sentience. The MOQ, like science, starts with
    human experience. Remember the early talk in ZMM about Newton's Law of
    Gravity? Scientific laws without people to write them are a scientific

    To compound the problem, I can't find your quote in any of the LC
    annotations. Can you help straighten out the source?


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