RE: MD myths and symbols

From: johnny moral (
Date: Wed Aug 13 2003 - 19:15:06 BST

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    >I conclude that the sooner that some socially approved ideas die a
    >natural death--like multiculturism and moral relativity--the better.

    So, if an intellectual idea is bad, it is bad because it is "socially
    approved"? Give me a break. Those ideas are bad regardless of their social
    approval, or at least, they are bad when they cause social patterns like
    truth and value to be destroyed in order to promote themselves. (They
    aren't bad as paths toward understanding the fragility of social values)
    The social level never had those patterns until they were beaten into it by
    intellectuals who disrespected social values. I agree that it is the social
    propogation of them that mis-applies the ideas, but they only reached the
    point of social propogation after they were promoted intellectually as


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