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Date: Thu Aug 14 2003 - 13:55:09 BST

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    Hi Steve,

    > Based on what I've read so far, there is much evidence that Rorty is not
    > the Communist that Platt seems to think he is and is rather a liberal
    > Democrat.

    Is there a difference? :-)

    > Rorty said on page 4, "I think that our country -- despite its past and
    > present atrocities and vices, and despite its continuing eagerness to
    > elect fools and knaves to high office -- is a good example of the best
    > kind of society so far invented." I agree.
    > Platt, does this describe your hostility toward Rorty? "The right's
    > hostility [toward Rorty/pragmatism] is largely explained by the fact
    > that rightest thinkers don't think it is enough just to prefer
    > democratic societies. One has to believe that they are Objectively
    > Good, that the institutions of such societies are grounded in Rational
    > First Principles."

    Since Rorty claims to have no principles, you have to wonder why he
    says he "prefers" one thing over another. On what basis does he
    "prefer" other than his whim of the moment?

    Free market (capitalist) societies are not just objectively good
    (compare the U.S. to Russia) but metaphysically good if you believe in
    the principles of the MOQ.

    "A free market is a Dynamic institution. What people buy and what
    people sell, in other words what people value, can never be contained
    by any intellectual formula. What makes the marketplace work is Dynamic
    Quality. The market is always changing and the direction of that change
    can never be predetermined. The Metaphysics of Quality says the free
    market makes everybody richer by preventing static economic patterns
    from setting in and stagnating economic growth. That is the reason the
    major capitalist economies of the world have done so much better since
    World War II than the major socialist economies. It is not that
    Victorian social economic patterns are more moral than socialist
    intellectual economic patterns. Quite the opposite. They are less moral
    as static patterns go. What makes the free-enterprise system superior
    is that the socialists, reasoning intelligently and objectively, have
    inadvertently closed the door to Dynamic Quality in the buying and
    selling of things. They closed it because the metaphysical structure of
    their objectivity never told them Dynamic Quality exists." (Lila,

    You see the results of liberal Democrat policies in California today--a
    $38 billion deficit (which is larger than the budgets of 48 states) and
    credit rating of junk bond status. When the governor, U.S senators,
    state legislature and congressional delegation are all liberal
    Democrats, you see what happens. I doubt if today we offered to give
    California back to Mexico, they'd accept.:-)


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