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From: Scott R (
Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 16:35:00 BST

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    > >> I believe evolution is the best model of any kind of reality.
    > >> MOQ layers are a good summary of just such a reality IMHO - stable
    > >> building dynamically on layers over many generations.
    > >> I see no conflict or paradox between MOQ and Darwin.
    > Scott
    > >You seem to be equating "Darwinism" with "evolution". Darwinism is
    > evolution
    > >by chance and natural selection. I reject that (and I think the MOQ does
    > >too). Quality is not chance.
    > I strongly disagree with Scott - he needs to be careful where he puts the
    > word "chance" in the above sentence. Darwinian evolution proceeds by
    > mutation and selection. The mutation part has a random direction - or as I
    > have said before, its only direction is AWAY from what came before.
    > selection has a very definite direction - towards greater survivability,
    > to put it in quality terms, towards BETTERNESS.

    I usually hear it called "random mutation", and that is the chance I am
    referring to.

    If you keep the randomness, then it is very difficult to see why natural
    selection would move things toward greater complexity. Amoebae are better
    survivors than dinosaurs, etc. Complexity adds more things that can go
    wrong, and so reduces the odds of survival (ask any computer programmer).

    As I've said many times, the only reason to take Darwinism seriously is
    because it is required if one wants to maintain a prior commitment to
    materialism. When the materialist then tries to add the supposed emergence
    of sentience and consciousness to the Darwinist framework, he or she is
    moving from the implausible to the impossible. There is thus no reason to
    maintain the implausible.

    - Scott

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