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Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 20:41:51 BST

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    squonk: In the sense that the computer and 'I' share a
    gravitational-electromagnetic relationships, we are not distinct. That is a
    scientific fact. On the social and intellectual levels, the computer and me
    and you share all the time, and the boundaries are impositions of your
    cultural inheritance.

    I'm hitting the keys REALLY HARD to break through the cultural inheritance

    sq: This is a culturally inherited QWERTY keyboard. :)

    squonk: Subjects and Objects are aesthetic creations of the intellect.

    I think it's better to describe them as creations of Quality (or Morality).
    The intellect can't create an object or a subject that shouldn't exist
    morally. If it should exist morally, the intellect can't help but create
    it. Also, there is no intellect "prior" or apart from the creations of it,
    all three are created simultaneously. (Thanks for turning me on to

    sq: In my view, the intellect is a relationship between a repertoire of
    static experience and DQ. So, the intellect is creating all the time, and this is a
    moral process because Quality, value and moral are synonyms.

    I think saying it's a creation of intellect without qualifying that
    intellect is directed by morality (and without moralizing that intellect is
    directed by quality) makes subjects and objects a little too ephemeral, as
    though we could change our minds about the aesthetic of it existing or not.
    We can, of course, but only if we are led to do so morally.


    sq: Well, i think we are saying the same things? In My view, biological and
    social values have differentiated the opposite sex and leaders anyway, and if
    these differentiation's are then symbolised by the intellect then subjects and
    objects have been well in existence for a very very long time?
    But we don't need subjects and objects - that's what the MoQ says. In the MoQ
    there are SQ patterns in a relationship with DQ and the relationship is a
    moral one.
    Re: Plotinus - he is very very similar (but not the same)! in his approach in
    that the One and the edge of the shadow of existence it illuminates are a

    All the best,

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