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Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 21:31:18 BST

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    sq: the selection of what is best is based upon harmonious relationships
    between experience and DQ.

    I really wish I could understand how there can be a relationship, let alone
    a harmonious relationship, between something concrete and something
    undefined. It's like trying to make a chord using a C and white noise. How
    can there be any harmony there? How can "what is best" be determined? The
    harmony note could be any note on the keyboard, even notes in between the
    keys. If you think the best harmony is an E, or if you think the best
    harmony is an Eb, DQ will be happy to support your choice either way. Why
    wouldn't it? What could there be, within an undifferentiated and undefined
    DQ, to prefer one note to another? On the other hand, experience will not
    support your choice either way, experience will insist that one of those
    notes is better than the other. The selection of what is best is based
    purely on experience. Harmonious relationships are all within experience.


    >Subject: Re: MD Pirsig and Peirce
    >Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 15:31:49 EDT
    >Scott, i should ask you to consider the following:
    >But we know from Phaedrus' metaphysics that the harmony Poincare talked
    >is not subjective. It is the source of subjects and objects and exists in
    >anterior relationship to them. It is not capricious, it is the force that
    >opposes capriciousness; the ordering principle of all scientific and
    >thought which destroys capriciousness, and without which no scientific
    >can proceed. What brought tears of recognition to my eyes was the discovery
    >that these unfinished edges match perfectly in a kind of harmony that both
    >Phaedrus and Poincare had talked about, to produce a complete structure of
    >capable of uniting the separate languages of science and art into one. ZMM.
    >p. 271
    >Harmony is anterior to subjects and objects.
    >In the MoQ, there are no subjects and objects and there do not have to be.
    >The anterior harmony is a relationship between static intellectual patterns
    >DQ, and the selection of what is best is based upon harmonious
    >between experience and DQ.

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