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From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 02:10:17 BST

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    Hi Horse,

    >> Hello All,
    >> Its of no matter really, but i am feeling a bit chuffed. You see, i rode my
    >> first solo motorcycle the
    >> other day, and felt the thrill of man and machine in harmony.
    >> Well, harmony may be over stating it a tad, but something was stirring.
    >> squonk rider
    > Glad to hear another person on the list is getting (or is already) into riding
    > motorcycles. Hope
    > you didn't do what I did on my first ride which was to go straght up into the
    > air - serious wheelie
    > - and land flat on my back.
    > Just as a matter of interest, how many other folk on the list ride motorcycles
    > - casually or as a
    > way of life. Just wondering.

    I ride a bit. My wife and I have a 1980 Yamaha. It's more hers than mine.

    In PA the dept of transportation offers a free motorcycle safety class.
    Participants ride their motorcycles and take a license test on the final day
    of class. I did it last spring. I think it would be worth doing just for
    fun, even for someone who never intends to get a motorcycle or ride again.


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