Re: MD liberals, conservatives & suffering

From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 14:49:46 BST

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    Hi Horse,
    > On 20 Aug 2003 at 20:22, Steve Peterson wrote:
    >> Interesting thought. I bet this will merely spur a new way to bicker, but
    >> I'll try it. I would say that liberals tend to focus on fulfilling material
    >> (inorganic and biological) needs while conservatives focus on improving
    >> social quality for the suffering.

    I was led to this thinking because Wilber's internal/external split is close
    to Pirsig's distinction of saying that the inorganic and biological levels
    are objective while the social and intellectual level are subjective.

    > Just a thought, but shouldn't the above be the other way around?

    I don't think so. Marxism is a good example of the leftist emphasis on the
    lower levels. It says that what people really need are material goods and
    seeks to give them to people through wealth redistribution while denying
    personal freedoms and spiritual needs. People are little more than
    consumers of goods. Marxism tears town social hierarchies which is seem as
    a good thing in the light of the MOQ but doesn't replace social hierarchies
    with a social structure that respects the individual.


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