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Date: Thu Aug 28 2003 - 21:38:05 BST

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    Marco said:
    The point is that I'm not very fine with the (in)famous "slogan" that
    everything is within language. I think that to the consequent question:
    "so, where does language come from?"

    there is one only good answer:
    " there MUST be a biological layer outside language, even if the biology we
    talk about is something else."

    You're absolutely right, there must be something biological "holding up" the language, so to speak. But the only good answer comes from a question that misses the point of the slogan. The point of the slogan is not that nothing exists outside language, which is idealist, it is that our words only hook up to other words. That's the short of it. The long of it I just wrote about to DMB, in the post that came through just before this.

    Marco said:
    Too many
    times I read here that language is at the basis of the MOQ intellectual
    level. At the contrary, this considerations:

    a) the learning of language depends on the complexity of the biological
    b) we learn the rules of language through a SOCIAL trial and error process

    bring me to the conclusion that language is at the basis of the MOQ social

    Sam and I have reached the same conclusion, that language is based in the social process. Its what we would call being Wittgensteinian about language, rather than Cartesian. However, the conclusions you, Sam, and I draw from it are all different.


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