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From: Paul Turner (
Date: Thu Aug 28 2003 - 22:27:40 BST

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    DMB, Matt

    A quick interjection...

    DMB said:
    We can't TALK about anything that isn't already 'inside' a language. OK.
    Sounds like a harmless truism to me. But is that really all Pirsig is
    saying? Paul seems to think its about balancing materialism and

    That's not quite what I'm saying. I would rather say that it's about
    "valuism", which subsumes materialism (inorganic patterns of value) and
    idealism (intellectual patterns of value) as partial explanations of
    different values.

    I'll rehearse briefly the historical dialectic that led to this. (I
    shouldn't have to warn, but I will in case there is any confusion. The
    story I'm about to tell is from the pragmatist's eyes...

    You're right, you shouldn't have to warn anyone before saying anything.
    My comments about "pragmatist misrepresentation" were a bit harsh given
    the length of time you have been around on this forum and the lengths
    you have gone to in explaining your approach to Pirsig. I was just being
    antagonistic, which doesn't really help debate.


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