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Date: Fri Aug 29 2003 - 00:28:02 BST

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    You say:
    sq: Humans exist in social groups. My intellectual
    patterns are the result of many value choices made
    throughout human history. I can be intelligent and
    creative without subjects and objects.

    I don't understand this.

    How can you think of something without a
    subject/object correlation? As soon as there is
    something there is quality, and either subjects or
    objects or both, as something implies a subject and
    and object. I think this is my biggest "beef" with
    Pirsig. SOM is intertwinded with quality.


    Hello August,
    Beefs are OK. Its not a problem, and i would like to help if i can?
    Dynamic Quality is important in the MoQ. All static patterns exist in a
    tension with DQ, even though DQ is not a static pattern.
    So, any two patterns do not simply correlate with each other - they are both
    in a relationship with DQ.

    In SOM, there is assumed to be direct correlation.

    Does this help?

    P.S. I am off on holiday this Friday and may not have daily access to the

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