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Date: Sat Aug 30 2003 - 16:32:36 BST

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    Hi David M,

    Wim, David Buchanan (aka DMB) and I (with some others) have had quite a few bashes at working out
    the answer to that question - without reaching a final agreement! But I think the discussion was
    quite a good one. Have a look at the archives for before and after last Christmas. The thread
    'systematic about the sophists' was the most recent, I think.


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    > Hi
    > do you agree that rituals probably emerge from repetitive instincts, and
    > probably go along with the emergence of human consciousness? Interesting how
    > religion, consciousness and rituals seem to emerge together. In Heideggerian
    > terms, it is interesting to see the emergence of consciousness and language
    > as the start of Man's encounter with Being and World.
    > DM

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