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Date: Sat Aug 30 2003 - 19:54:58 BST

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    Connections based on phonics? You're starting to sound like Derrida ;-)

    The differences I was thinking of were just the little ones that we were left with just the other day when we were discussing it for the first time. I haven't actually thought about it since then, so as far as I know they stand as:

    I think there should be five levels, ala:
    Inorganic level - non-replicating persistence (rocks)
    Biological level - replicating persistence (cells)
    Social level - non-linguistic semiotic behavior (tigers)
    Intellectual level - linguistic semiotic behavior (humans)
    Eudaimonic level - autonomous behavior (citizens of bourgeois nations)

    What I think you objected to was the placement of tigers at the third level. Besides that I think its mainly your reticence at becoming fully pragmatic. I just wanted to make reference to the fact that, though you, myself, and Marco would all appear to think that language is a social activity (cudos to us), we still are quite divergent (in the case of myself and Marco) to a bit divergent (in the case of you and I) in the way we interpret the MoQ.


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