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Date: Sat Aug 30 2003 - 21:09:04 BST

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    Matt, Paul and all:

    Matt wrote:
    "The use of strong misreadings is part of an attempt to heroize and
    villianize certain thinkers or groups in the construction of your own
    narrative of what's going on."

    Paul asked:
    It might help to point that out in advance; without doing so I think
    deliberate misreading becomes misrepresentation doesn't it?

    dmb says:
    It seems to me that "strong misreadings" are misrepresent the case whether
    one warns in advance or not. I mean, how can such a practice be construed as
    fair or honest? How is it NOT cheating? How is it different than a
    distortion or a lie? When is talk of heros and villians anything other than

    I'm serious. This is one of those pragmatic practices that strike me as
    wildly controversial - at best.

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