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Date: Mon Oct 06 2003 - 22:19:10 BST

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    Andy, Jim and all:

    Andy said: I just wanted to point out to DMB how Jim has taken a slogan or
    metaphor from Campbell (journeys and paths) and twisted it to suit his own
    purposes. I think he makes a point that we might want to listen to, but it
    has little reflection on Campbell's ideas. I want to suggest that his
    interpretation of Campbell is not based on any clear understanding of what
    Campbell says. Of course, I suggest this because I think David has done the
    same thing with Rorty. Jim may not want to read Campbell and the slogans
    that Campbell fans banter about may have helped pursuade him that Campbell
    has nothing meaningful to say. We can try to pursaude him differently, by
    giving him a better understanding of Campbell's message, but I have a
    feeling it won't do much good.

    dmb says:
    For the moment, I'd only point out that neither "journey" nor "path" is
    anything like a slogan and their meaning is a mystery to nobody. No slogans
    or esoteric jargon was used, let alone bantered about, and the language used
    could have beeen understood by anyone with access to a dictionary. Further,
    the explantion was entirely within the context of discussing the MOQ,
    specifically the Zen view of intellect. No questions have been asked about
    it. No clarifications have been requested. I'm truly baffled that you'd even
    compare explanations of Campbell and Rorty in this way. Really. If you think
    they are the same, Andy, then you haven't understood my complaints about
    slogans at all.

    "Mores, determinanats, norms... these were the jargon terms of sociology
    into which they converted things they wanted to attack. That's how you know
    when you're within a walled city, Phaedrus thought. The jargon. They've cut
    themselves off from the rest of the world and are speaking a jargon only
    they can really understand." (Chapter 5 of Lila.)

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