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Date: Sun Oct 05 2003 - 20:52:47 BST

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    Sam and y'all:

    Sam said:
    ...I've just picked up a copy of "hero with a thousand faces", which I read
    many years ago, but am looking forward to getting acquainted with again.

    dmb says:
    I don't want to spoil it for you, but they all die in the end. Fortunately,
    you're a Christian and so you already know that the hero is also
    resurrected. :-)
    But seriously, I'm happy to learn that you take Campbell seriously and
    impressed that you're willing to entertain his thesis. I'm sure that you
    already know that it gives no preferential treatment to Christianity. He
    merely gives it the importance that it deserves, which is quite bit. I think
    you'll agree that paints Christ as THEE central hero of Western
    civilization, an observation that seems pretty much irrefutable to me. The
    book also provides a kind of KEY to the structure of drama and our own
    psychology, our own spiritual growth, and is otherwise full of wonders.

    And for MOQ purposes (Pirsig actually recommends Campbell's four-volume
    tome, THE MASKS OF GOD, but HERO is where it all began.) it shows what our
    mythos is all about, the unseen ways that it shapes and guides us. I don't
    mean to suggest that he reduces religious to mere psychology, its more like
    he steals it back from the literalists and reveals it's original meaning. He
    makes it apparent how necessary it is for each of us to take the hero's
    journey, to walk a spirtual path even in this scientific culture. I've said
    too much already,...


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