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Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 18:56:56 BST

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    Dear David M.,

    You asked 1 Oct 2003 19:08:58 +0100 & 7 Oct 2003 18:14:30 +0100 about
    Am I right to associate 'agency' with 'free will'? Then your opposite
    (result of absence of agency), 'patterns/repetition' would associate with
    'determination'. Then Pirsig's answer would apply: we have agency to the
    extent that we follow DQ and are determined to the extent that we follow sq.
    Agency doesn't seem an epi-phenomenon to me then. It is the force that
    drives (or lures) evolution. ("All life is a migration of static patterns of
    quality toward Dynamic Quality." according to 'Lila' chapter 11.) Static
    quality (in all its diversity of patterns of value) then charts the paths of
    evolution, the options chosen by that agent.
    I'm not sure that agency should always be thought of as located in
    individuals. Before homo sapiens appeared or even before the 3rd century BC
    it certainly wasn't. Ultimately the 'agent' may be DQ itself.

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