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    I guess we need to demystify the idea of choice. A dog can make a
    choice as well as you can. Choice is no more than value patterns that
    exists in the pursuit of quality. In relation to the idea of the future
    existed in social as well as in the intellection and in some way has a
    limited meaning. In terms of quality, it is not so much that the future
    is so extraordinary; it is those patterns that will try to dominate the
    future when it gets here. :)


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    My point is that choice depends on alternative futures being available.
    I go to my fridge and can eat eggs or ham but not steak because I do
    not have any steak. In this situation (wanting to eat) at least 2
    available the ham sandwich or the egg on toast. It seems to me that
    having choice is very much related to this orientation towards the
    future in
    the context
    of the past, focus on the present is kind of meaningless, it ignores the
    situation (past)
    and the choices (given possibilities/future). The present is defined by
    and future and otherwise is kind of

    David M

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    > David,
    > I miss the point about the dog in trap 6, but ok I will comment on
    > Past and Future are not the cutting edge of reality, the present is.
    > Past and future before the time of language had very little meaning.
    > Choice it seem is part of the diversity of patterns and realities that
    > exist. Change occurs in time, in the present. Choices we as humans
    > other living creatures make are in respect to the diversity patterns
    > call life. Thinking is only is only one of the many patterns that
    > Quality and especially DQ quality create the capacity for choice to
    > changes for the good.
    > Mati

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