Re: MD Begging the Question, Moral Intuitions, and Answering the Nazi, Part III

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Date: Sat Oct 18 2003 - 21:20:48 BST

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    Andy writes:
    > Are you really serious? Of course you are. All right, you are a
    > champion of individual freedom. Good for you. We're happy for you. It
    > is pathetic that this should have to be explained to you again. Matt's
    > use of a nazi was done as an example. READ THE ESSAYS AGAIN!! I should
    > not have to repeat the points he was making. Because he chose a nazi to
    > make his point does not mean he would engage a real life Nazi in a
    > lengthy conversation. For all this talk about this being a high quality
    > site, your contributions as a long time member can come accross as
    > pretty dense. The antithesis of intelligent philosophical discussion.
    > If you want examples you only need to refer to your latest post to which
    > I am replying. But that is okay. I will go back lurking and try and
    > control myself from making comments when you make more inane points and
    > replies in the future.

    Let's see. The sum total of your argument is that I am pathetic, dense,
    unintelligent and inane. Is that your idea of a philosophical

    Seems whenever Rorty supporters are challenged, they adopt a Rigel-like
    attitude. Disappointing to say the least. I think it also says
    something about the shallowness of Rorty's philosophy, and
    postmodernism in general. As the British philosopher Roger Scruton

    "In his excellent book, 'Against Deconstruction,' the critic John Ellis
    points out that the normal response of those who advocate
    deconstruction to those who question it is not to reply with argument,
    but to rule both the questions and the questioner out of court."

    Looks to me like you and Matt have so ruled.

    Scruton also said, "A man who tells you truth doesn't exist is asking
    you not to believe him. So don't."

    Good advice don't you think? :-)

    Best regards,

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