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Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 16:25:34 BST

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    > Rorty does think that philosophy can be useful, but he thinks its role now
    > is not at the forefront of action, but as a handmaiden to those areas of
    > action (like politics). He thinks it can be useful in clearing up conceptual
    > problems, but not for formulating political reforms.
    > Matt

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for allowing Rorty to have a place in these discussions.
    However, his value is limited i feel. In fact, i feel his value is inversely
    proportional to the amount written about him; the more i hear the less value
    he appears to have.

    There are many people beginning to question the nature of our political
    structures in an increasingly global social context; how it is founded, what value
    it has. etc. Enquiry into the nature of value is as old as the hills and i do
    not see any reason to stop thinking about this.

    My impression of Rorty is that his views are very far from being capable of
    general understanding in much the same way many philosophers are abstruse.
    However, i have noticed on many occasion how people relate to Quality very easily,
    as static descriptions of Quality events permeate their everyday language -
    all one has to do is listen and pick up how they indicate SQ-SQ harmony - then
    you connect.

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