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Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 20:08:41 BST

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    > Hi
    > Real nice quotes from Lila and Bohm.
    > Oh how I long for beauty, the good, togetherness/unity
    > in this sordid little life. I hear Nietzsche's thoughts on
    > decadence ringing in my ears every day. Let's paint the B52s
    > pink and drop flowers. Oh no too much whiskey again!
    > regards
    > David M

    Hi David,
    I empathise with you. I have discovered that my enhanced appreciation of
    beauty has brought with it a more acute perception of low Quality. The MoQ tells
    us there are tensions between evolutionary related moral orders, and these
    tensions do hurt - it depends upon how much one lives live relative to the moral
    Having said this, there is plenty of hope don't you feel? Coherence may be

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