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Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 00:12:01 BST

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    sometimes love seems subject to a quantum indeterminacy all its own...

    i remember the part of Lila(?) where Pirsig talks about the Dharmakaya, the
    "divine light" .. speaking from my own experiences whenever i fall for someone
    in a long term sense.. when i first see them.. they are absolutely dripping in
    dharmakaya and once tasted, i can stay a drunkard for years...

    im too young to be able to speak of 'mature love' or anything past 5 years..
    (i just turned 21) but i am quite qualified to speak of intense attraction. I
    believe that aside from the Dharmakaya-DQ experience.. people , if they have
    stagnated, are drawn to that which challenges their built up static patterns..
    in my case, following the dharmakaya and 'dynamic quality' had *become* my
    static pattern.. and for about 2 years a 30 year old stockbroker and a 19 year
    old punk/goth girl became absolutely inseperable. i think it's the desire to
    experience the 'other' and perhaps assimilate it. i become fascinated with the
    other-ness of the person's way of thoughts, even their sentence structure seemed
    alien and inconceivable to me, not in a frightening, isolating way, but in an
    exciting way. ("i cant believe im having dinner with a republican!!!")

    sorry no obscure references here, just experience.. i'm just glad theres
    somewhere i *can* reference ZMM and Lila, because to my group of friends, those
    are obscure references, inside jokes with an audience of one.

    ummm.. thats my story and im sticking to it..


    is love one example of DQ experiencing
    DQ in an other? Do we love SQ structures/laws? Do we love SQ
    structures when we experience them as exhibiting a form of achievement?
    How often we value things that are fleeting, like youthful beauty.

    Comments please.

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