Re: MD What makes an idea dangerous?

Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 17:36:10 BST

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    Hi Bo,

    In regards to your question:

    "For Andy: Hopefully you mean "...which social patterns ..etc". Social
    value as such neither can nor should be replaced."

    concerning my earlier statement

    > > 'Platt and I might disagree about which social values should be

    > > preserved and which intellectual ideas might replace them.'

    Andy: Social patterns would probably have been a better term to use. I suppose I have been interchanging values with patterns, and perhaps this is confusing and wrong in MOQ terms. I am unclear as to why social values cannot be replaced, however. Probably, because I am using values in a broader sense than "value" is implied within the MOQ. Social value in the MOQ comes first, right? Whereas by social values (when I used this term) I meant certain ideas, patterns, lifestyles, etc. that particular societies value. It is these ideas and patterns that I meant to imply could be replaced by "intellectuals." And by "intellectuals," I mean those "motivated individuals" whom Wim referred to, that are influencing social values. It is of these "intellectuals" that I was inquiring about "dangeropus ideas."


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