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    Platt and all:

    Platt said:
    In his new book, "Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in
    the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950," Charles Murray concludes that
    a whopping 72 percent of the significant figures in the arts and
    sciences came from just four European countries: Britain, France,
    Germany and Italy. However, the rate of achievement in these countries
    appeared to plummet in the mid-19th century due to a collapse of social
    values and the advent of nihilism. When Christianity began to lose its
    appeal, things began to go downhill...

    dmb says:
    Charles Murray? Thee Charles Murray? The fascist bigot of "Bell Curve" fame?
    Here's what one reviewer, David Lethbridge, said about this previous book...

     And that, fundamentally, is the crucial point about The Bell Curve. The
    function of science is to reveal the truth, and all science worthy of the
    name serves the people as it serves the truth. What Murray and Herrnstein
    have done is the opposite of science. They have assembled a body of work by
    racists and fascists whose function is to promote racial hatred and class
    exploitation, by ideologues so committed to racialism that every difference
    noted between ethnic groups within racist societies, such as the US and
    South Africa during apartheid, is almost automatically attributed to alleged
    biological inferiority rather than racial exclusion, enforced poverty, mass
    unemployment, poor education, and the many other forms of ruling class
    ideology and oppression.

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