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Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 14:04:32 GMT

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    Hi Wim, Bo:

    Both of you seem to believe that social values are permanent. For
    instance, Bo writes, " ... social value is something terribly archaic
    that can't be changed." I disagree. In Chap. 3 of Lila, Pirsig pointed

    "Of all the contributions America has made to the history of the world,
    the idea of freedom from a social hierarchy has been the greatest. It
    was fought for in the American Revolution and confirmed in the Civil
    War. To this day it's still the most powerful, compelling ideal holding
    the whole nation together."

    What holds nations together are social values, and obviously the ideals
    that are at the root of social values can and do change. For nearly a
    century, the Marxist ideal held Russia together, backed by the
    government-sanctioned slaughter of of millions. Today, the social
    values that hold Russia together are capitalism, a fledgling free
    market and rights to private property.

    Currently many of the social values that hold Iraq together are
    undergoing radical change, over the objection of the social values of

    From ancient Greece to the American experiment, history might said to
    be a study of changes in social values. Societies evolve towards
    greater awareness and freedom under the same drive for Quality that
    influenced inorganic and biological forms.


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